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How to transform a garage laundry room into an inviting & functional space

Is your laundry room in your garage? Tired of feeling like you don’t have a functional space to do one of the biggest chores in your house? That was me. When you live in Florida, it’s pretty common for laundry rooms to be in a corner of your garage. Our washer and dryer are right next to the water heater and water softener. When we moved in, my biggest complaint was that there was nowhere to keep my laundry supplies and I felt like the dirty garage was invading a space that was meant to be a clean space. So, I made it my mission to create a dedicated laundry nook that didn’t feel like a garage laundry room.

The first thing I wanted to do was put up a room separator of some sort. Ultimately, I decided on a ceiling curtain track that I found on Amazon. The one I used was 16.4 feet long and really easy to put up. I mapped out the track with a pencil on the ceiling (measuring with a string and measuring tape) and then I installed the ceiling brackets to hold the flexible curtain track with the anchors and screws that came with the track. The cool thing about this track is that it can be combined with another if you need a longer track and it can also be cut if you need it shorter.

Once I got the track installed, I attached these 96 inch long natural linen curtains to the hooks on the track inserts. I ordered two packs of two and they worked out great. They are lightweight and breathable so they don’t make it hotter than it already is in the garage and the color (angora) works great to not show any dust or dirt from the rest of the garage.

Now, it was time to work on the storage. I wanted the shelving above the washer and dryer to have an industrial look so I searched for shelving accessories that looked like plumbing pipes. For $44.95, I found these awesome iron pipe wall mount shelf brackets (three-tier but they come in two and four tier as well) and I installed them with cement drill bits, anchors and screws. Then, I ran to Home Depot and got three of the white Rubbermaid shelves to fit into the wall brackets. They worked out great.

I decorated with jars to hold my pods, laundry baskets from Target, cute laundry detergent and lint containers, and I even made a couple signs with my Silhouette Cameo to use as decor.

I had some leftover peel-and-stick tile from our guest bathroom so I put those extra pieces down on the floor right in front of the washer and dryer. It really helps make the area feel like its own space. I love it!

Here’s my Amazon shopping list that will have everything I used to do this DIY home project!

The Big Reveal:

I hope this project can give someone else some inspiration to make that garage laundry room into a more functional space like I did. I’m really happy with out it turned out and if you do something similar, please share your project with me!

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