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Work-From-Home Gadgets That Will Complete Your Home Office

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In 2019, I started working from home before it was “cool” to work from home. My husband was heading off for his deployment and I found a great job with the leader in remote work, Going from a busy newsroom to my guest bedroom, I had to upgrade some things. Thankfully, I was blessed with a home office stipend that helped me make a productive home office to make each day the best it could be while working from home. So, now that I’ve been working from home for almost 3 years, I want to share the products that have truly helped me make working from home, work for me.

A Standing Desk is a MUST-HAVE

If you’re working from home and getting tired of always sitting at a desk… you seriously won’t regret ordering a standing desk. I absolutely love my electric height-adjustable standing desk from FlexiSpot. I have the choice to sit or stand when I work and it’s so convenient.

When I worked at ABC Action News in Tampa, we had a standing desks and I loved it. It was so great to be able to be on your feet but also have a chair that worked with the higher desks. FlexiSpot is my fix for this at home. This desk is so practical. With just the push of a button it can move up and down to meet you where you are; whether that’s standing or sitting.

Don’t want to invest in a whole new desk? They also make a standing desk converter! It’s one of their best sellers! Check it the options here.

Get steps in while working

I have to admit, just standing at the desk, I find myself leaning from one hip to the other. I naturally have to keep moving. It’s just how I am. I also hate working out, but walking is something I love, I just don’t get to go for long walks as much these days. So, that’s where Bluefin Fitness’ Under Desk Treadmill comes into play. Since I got my treadmill, I’ve walked at least 2 miles a day and I’ve completed the exercise circle on my Apple Watch every day. That’s something I’ve never done. I’m always on the go, but I never make a point to get those exercise sessions in, until now. The treadmill is $379 and you can purchase it here.

Many people ask how I walk and work at the same time? To be honest, I forget that I’m walking most of the time and with this treadmill, it’s very easy to stay on track and not fall off. I keep everything in front of me and just go for a walk. It’s become second nature now. Don’t doubt yourself on this. You can do it and walking each day can be a huge mood lifter for you as well. I’ve noticed my anxiety is less severe and I have more of a pep in my step throughout the day.

Check out this video I made of me walking and working:

When you’re sitting, it’s all about good posture!

The pros at Cushion Lab make my favorite ergonomic seat cushion and lumbar support pillow. Posture is a big deal when you’re sitting most of the day but these cushions provide instant relief. I would much rather have a beautiful office chair and add these cushions to relieve my joints than have some big bulky black or gray office chair that feels too hard and uncomfortable. A big reason I looked into a standing desk setup with a chair that has cushions like these was because of my hip pain. This is a total fix to that problem! If you’re looking for a better way to sit while working, you have to check out Cushion Lab! Check out the pressure relief seat cushion here. Check out the extra support back relief lumbar pillow here.

Want to stand but not walk? Get a Gymba Balance Board!

This multi-function muscle activation board does it all: balance board, twist board, exercise board, calf stretcher, motion board and therapeutic foot massager all-in-one. I have one and it definitely helps with my posture, productivity, and it keeps my ankles active while standing so that I’m not jittery and wanting to do the “standing desk dance” while working and standing. Get one here!

For all the laptop and dual monitor lovers

My laptop setup helps connect my Macbook Pro to a second monitor and keeps my laptop from overheating on those super busy days. The Nulaxy Laptop Stand on Amazon has more than 22,800 five star reviews on Amazon and it has never let me down. This Aluminum laptop computer stand is compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell XPS, HP, and Lenovo More 10-15.6” laptops. It’s $25 and it will help your laptop stay cool, and it will help you bring your laptop screen to a perfect level that can help you fix your posture. Check it out here.

A laptop stand riser that has some extras

The laptop/monitor stand riser that I ordered isn’t available right now but I can’t rave about it enough. So, I found one just like it to share with you! This one has almost 800 4-5 star reviews and it also has a phone stand and a storage drawer and pen slot. It comes in black and white and it’s $30.

Bye, Bye, Bye Cable Clutter

Cable Storage is so helpful when you work from home! Who wants wires everywhere and surge protectors out in the open? This set of storage boxes come in 3 different sizes and also includes sticky wire organizers to stick to your desk or desk legs and Velcro ties to keep your wires organized. Say goodbye to cable clutter!

Avoid the dreaded spills

Save yourself from spills with a clip-on cup holder (and this one has a headphone hanger, too). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost spilled my coffee cup across my keyboard. It’s too many to count. This 2-in-1 anti-spill cup holder will save the day and keep your electronics safe from spills.

Charge it all, all day long

It seems like more and more electronics have USB plugs and I’m always searching for the female plug to plug these suckers in. Well, forget that search. This 6-port USB desktop charging station is great for your iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android devices and more so that everything stays charged and organized in one place. It even has a sticky bottom to keep it in one place. One Amazon reviewer even said “this is life saving and made our dresser surface look much better.” Even better, it’s only $15 and has better reviews than another brand that is $35.

Emotional Support Water Bottle or Motivational Water Bottle? You tell me!

If you don’t have a motivational water bottle, how are you even staying hydrated? I was so bad at drinking enough water each day, until this beauty came into my life. It’s 32 ounces, BPA free, and it has time markers and a fantastic straw to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. The finish on the bottle makes it so that it doesn’t sweat so you won’t have water dripping all over your desk while you’re working. It’s only $23 and I have to say, it’s the best $23 dollars I’ve ever spent because I use it EVERY DAY! The color options are super cute as well. One Amazon reviewer said “the plastic of the bottle is thick and solid, feels of very nice quality, not cheap and thin.“

Toasty Toes

Do you have chronically cold feet? And not the “I’m not ready to get married” kind. The cold toes that not even your favorite socks can help. Then you need this Electric Foot Warmer. It has a special pocket for your feet and will help you keep your toes toasty while you work!

Suck up the crumbs and dusk daily

One of my favorite little accessories on my desk… is my cordless mini desktop vacuum! This little vacuum sucks up dust and crumbs and keeps my keyboard clean after snack-time. I even find myself using it in the kitchen around my air fryer and on the countertops where crumbs get left behind from my little humans. The vacuum comes in black or pink. One Amazon reviewer uses this amazing little $12 vacuum as a coffee ground cleaner-upper. You know we’ve all spilled coffee grounds when making coffee early in the morning. It has so many great uses and it’s totally worth the $12!

Keep drinks and snacks nearby

I have a Cooluli Mini Fridge in my bedroom and it holds all of my favorite skincare products, masks and my face roller… but, this thing can also make a great work-from-home gadget. Store snacks, drinks, waters, cooling eye patches to help you when you’re feeling the need for a nap, and more! I can’t rave about mine enough. I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still running great. These little guys even come in different colors so they can match your home office decor. You know I had to order the pink one.

What’s your favorite work-from-home gadget? I would love to hear! Share with me on social! DM me on instagram or visit my facebook page. I’d love to share your favorite gadgets as well. Check out my work-from-home shopping list on Amazon.

***The links in this blog post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and purchase one of the products in this post. I only share the products that truly help me. It’s always my intention to remain objective when conducting any reviews of products.***

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