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Welcome to Mommyhood!

I can’t believe I’m a Mom. It’s a wonderful, exciting feeling and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. There have been some interesting moments throughout the last 3 weeks, that’s for sure! Yes, I’ve been peed on, during a diaper change and after a bath. Oh Boy! Spit up happens! Screaming baby sounds happen… but… I never thought this would happen…

I was breastfeeding and when you try and get the baby to latch on sometimes you have to squeeze your own boob and get it ready for his mouth. Well, I squeezed and milk flew right up in my eye, like a squirt gun. Yup, I squirted myself in the eye with my own breastmilk! You go through life getting so many other things in your eyes and never did I ever think that I would get my own milk in my eyes! HA! Then I read that the breastmilk is actually good for things. It can heal all wounds. Not only does it help your sore nipples (ahhhh I hate that word), but it can also help your skin (if you choose to put it on your face, I haven’t tried this lol), it can help cuts and more! Pretty cool! It really is like LIQUID GOLD!

So what else is new? Camden is doing great! He’s sleeping about every 3-4 hours through the night and waking up for a diaper change and a feeding. He’s eating about 4 oz every feeding and I’ve been pumping and feeding him with my wonderful Dr. Browns bottles. I LOVE THOSE THINGS! He has been sleeping in his HALO Bassinest right next to my side of the bed. It makes it so easy for those late night feedings. We’ll be moving him to his crib when we feel the time is right! The Bassinest has a vibrate option to help soothe him to sleep, it has a nightlight, music and heartbeat sounds and even has a breastfeeding timer on it. I love it. It’s definitely one of my favorite products out there right now! It seems like the weather has been nasty ever since he was born, so when the sun was finally out, we took him for a walk in his BOB Revolution Flex Stroller! He loved it! It was so easy to push, the chicco carseat fits in perfectly with the adapter and Drake is obsessed with it! He loves pushing his boy around in such a cool stroller!


Things are going great and we’re having a great time with Camden. We’re learning everyday and he’s been such a great baby. This adventure is one of my favorites and I’m so lucky to share this sweet boy with my best friend.


MOMMY Bazzle 🙂 XoXo

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