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Waiting on my bump…

Okay moms, is it completely normal to be freaking out that I haven’t gotten any kind of bump yet? I just feel bloated lol I figured the baby is the size of a peach by now at 14 weeks, and the only time I have any kind of bump is right before bed. Sounds like that’s just gas and fluids collecting! UGH lol I’m totally not complaining, just making sure it’s something that I shouldn’t be worried about! 

I’m ready for some proof that I’m pregnant! The boobs are here lol now c’mon belly! I know I won’t be wanting the belly around 7 or 8 months, but I just can’t wait to be able to show and feel Baby Bazzle moving around. 

Plus, I need some energy tips! I get home from work and I immediately want to nap, but the nap always makes me feel worse. I get acid reflux, I’m super tired, a headache comes along. What can I do to make that energy snap back and get some stuff done around the house? 

Would love some advice from you ladies! 

XoXo, Mommy to be, Kelly

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