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That sounds like “Mama” and “Dada”

Camden will be 7 months old on September 19 and not a day goes by that I can’t believe how fast time is flying by as he’s growing up. Our little baby boy is turning into a little man very quickly. He’s even holding his own bottle now. We’re still waiting on that crawl to happen but what has happened is “Dada” and “Mama!”

Dada came first and Drake was thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? It’s the greatest feeling in the world to hear those magical noises coming out of your baby’s mouth.

Then… Not much later, I heard Mama as I was putting him to sleep… That’s why the video is black.

He always seems to say it nonstop and then stop right when I turn the camera on… This is a rare catch of his “Mama” ramblings…

He’s also working on that whole crawling thing and trying to figure out how his legs and arms work. He sits around all day and just twists his wrists and feet around as if he’s learning that he can move.

We have a very determined little boy on our hands.

We are absolutely blessed to have such a smiley, happy and interactive baby boy. We love you Camden Brett.

Love, Mama B

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