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It’s official news! Baby Bazzle is a BOY!

We found out on September 8th! I had an appointment to get some more blood-work done and the ultrasound room was free so we got to go in and check what Baby Bazzle was since we were going to be headed to MD the following weekend for a wedding and that way we could know and tell my parents in person!

We got right in there and she found it right away. IT’S A BOY! Drake stood up like he was an NFL Ref in a game calling a touchdown. So sure and excited and fist pumps all over the place! I was psyched. I still am. We’re having a baby boy. Now to just keep it a secret for a few weeks so we can tell the grandparents and then the rest of the family and friends.


First, we told Drake’s parents over dinner, they were pumped, his dad fist bumped him and his mom, who has had 3 boys, was pretty excited for another Bazzle Boy! His brother was super excited and his sister Grace is ready to meet her little nephew like yesterday! I loved their reactions. It all made my heart happy.

We flew to MD for the wedding and got into my parent’s house and my mom was ready to find out. I tried to stall to make her go a little more crazy lol but that didn’t work. We told them by giving them a baseball that said it’s a boy on it! I just bought some cute little league baseballs from walmart and used a blue paint pen to write it’s a boy on them. This way both sets of grandparents got a baseball to hold on and remember the day they found out they’re having their first grandchild/grandson!


Dad knew it, mom was shocked, she swore it was a girl. My sister had the best reaction. She was convinced we were having a girl but she wanted a nephew so bad. She and my brother were super excited about having a nephew!

Then came the time to tell all of our friends in Charleston! We had a little Gender Reveal party with close friends and it was soooo fun to decorate and cook for such an exciting event! We got the decorations, the balloons, the box the balloons would go in and everything for the party. I had so much fun decorating and making cupcakes! (the cupcakes ended up looking like boobs, I didn’t plan on it lol but they were still pretty boobs lol)


Drake really felt his SON move last night. It was the coolest feeling. I don’t know if he really felt him the first time, but he definitely felt him last night. It’s like Baby Bazz kicked his hand on purpose and Drake’s reaction was awesome, it really made him think about the fact that I have a little person in my belly. His “OH WOW! THAT WAS HUGE” made me tear up a little too! He’s so excited to have a little boy. We both are! Let’s do this! Time to get registered too!

We’re so very excited to bring Baby Boy Bazzle into this world and so happy to get to share it with all of you! Thank you for following along with us! We love you guys!

Love, Drake and Kelly Bazzle Parents to be of a wonderful little boy

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