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Happy 6 Months to our growing boy

Today, August 19, our little Camden Brett is 6 months old. Let’s be honest though, our baby boy isn’t little. He’s a growing man. 🙂

A 6 month old wearing 12 month clothes. Eating and loving baby food and laughing and smiling nonstop. He wants to crawl like nobody’s business. He can sit up on his own and he loves to hold onto his Mommy’s face when he’s eating and falling asleep…

Oh… And he’s attempting to say Dada too!

Time needs to slow down. Our baby boy is growing too fast and he’s such a good little man. He cries when he’s hungry or sleepy. He is good around practically anyone. He’s just now noticing Tatum and Bella walking around and just smiles sooooo big when he sees them or when they walk up and say hi to him.

He’s already in love with someone haha he is so interested in everything “his LU” does. And she loves him so much. She’s going to be such a great friend of his. I already know it.

He absolutely loves his daycare and his teachers. Riverpointe Christian Academy is wonderful. I’m so happy to have found a daycare/school that I’m comfortable with.

Camden even came to work with me one day when Drake was away for training. 3am to 7am and not a single cry for 3 days straight. I was so proud and he was in love with Miss Octavia too!

We are so blessed with this little man. So lucky to have him in our lives. It’s crazy how life doesn’t truly start until you create a life or raise a life. Truly blessed to be able to do that.



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