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Baby Bazzle’s Nursery *Under Construction*

We’re so excited to get Baby Bazzle’s nursery decorated and ready for February! We got it all done with the help of Baby Bloomers in Mount Pleasant on Coleman Blvd. MOMS! Check them out, same prices as the big stores, but you get to shop locally and actually work with people who care about the best for your baby!

We picked out the crib! A beautiful convertible crib that will convert to a full bed once our little boy is ready to be done with the crib! It’s a dark cherry wood, dark enough to not get too dirty from a little boy! 😉


Then we picked out the bedding. Most of you know that I’m from Annapolis, MD so when Drake and I saw this bedding, we flipped. Little blue crabs (well they are red lol) on light blue seersucker with a navy trim. DONE! We were going for a navy and white with pops of red nursery and this fit perfectly. We got the bumper, bed skirt and pillow (not the Jake one) and then we moved on to the mattress and the glider and ottoman!


For the glider, we wanted something super comfy, because let’s be honest, we’re going to be spending some time in this chair for late night feedings! So we picked this gorgeous glider, with ottoman (the ottoman glides too!). At Baby Bloomers you can customize every glider, pick the fabric and pick the trim and then get to ordering. Here’s the glider, just imagine it in navy with white trim!


It was the most heavenly chair I’ve ever sat in. Drake sat in it the rest of the visit. He was comfortable. So, if the guys get a little bored with the shopping, they have some great places to sit and chill out at Baby Bloomers!

I also did a little creative work on my own for the nursery. I found a used dresser at Habitat for Humanity Restore on Johns Island. It was perfect, it just needed a little paint job. So I went out and got the navy and white paint and started going to town on the dresser. Check out the before and after! It all fits together perfectly! Next, to paint white and navy stripes on the wall that the crib will back up to!


(Just a little pinterest help, I used this tutorial for painting the dresser, and the cover stain worked amazing!)

While we were at Baby Bloomers, we started a registry! They are so helpful and made sure we have the best of the best on our registry for our little boy. If you’re on the fence about the type of stroller, carseat or any important product for your baby, Baby Bloomers and the staff have the answers for you!

They had Drake walking around the shopping center, obsessed with the BOB stroller that we registered for. He went home talking to his guy friends about the wheels, the way it folds up and how comfortable the handles were. It was hilarious. Check out some of the products we added to our registry. We’re soooo excited!


The 4Moms Rockaroo is a must have when it comes to your baby! They use it at MUSC in the NICU to keep babies moving and comfortable and if they had one of these for adults, I’d have it. No doubt about that!

It’s all starting to feel sooooo real! Baby Boy Bazzle is on the way and we’re getting closer and closer to being prepared for his arrival, I know, we’ll never really be prepared, but we’re trying! I cannot rave enough about Baby Bloomers! Robin and Wynn have been so great and they know EVERYTHING about what your baby needs. She wouldn’t carry it in the store if she wouldn’t have it for her own family.

Drake is being so cute right now, always feeling my tummy, always talking to my belly and he talks about the day we have our little boy every day. It’s sooooo attractive to see the man I love, so in love with our future, our future family and everything to come. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful guy as my partner in life.

If you have any questions about Baby Bloomers or any of the products we checked out, just message me! I will be happy to help you. DON’T FORGET! SHOP LOCAL! SHOP BABY BLOOMERS, Mount Pleasant! 616 Coleman Boulevard 843.856.9277 LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK

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