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10 months old and Santa is coming! 

It’s Christmas! Santa will get here on Thursday night and I’m so excited to see Camden’s eyes light up when he wakes up to his presents and his Grammy and Pop in Annapolis.

It feels like Christmas is starting new memories this year. I’m so excited for all of the memories we are about to make the rest of our lives.

Camden got to meet Santa last week and I was shocked that he wasn’t even phased by the big bearded man in a red suit. He smiled but still looked at Santa like “who are you?”

Then, when we were at Bazzle Christmas, Santa made another appearance and the pictures were priceless.

Camden is growing like a weed. He’s in 18-24 month clothes. He can say ‘Tay Tay’ for Tatum and he loves that girl so much. He has 5 teeth with molars on the way. He laughs at the word ‘nope’ and thinks that Mommy is so funny when she says ‘B’ or ‘p.’ He’s growing up so fast and we are loving every second of it.

He’s ready to move on up in his new convertible car seat. We are going to test it out on our 9 hour drive to Maryland.

I’m so excited to try out this amazing seat. The reviews are great and moms seem to love this seat, plus the safety ratings are wonderful and that’s the most important part.

Check out the Britax Advocate Clicktight when you go to look for a new car seat! It’s so worth it!

Oh! And check out what Aunt Jessica and Uncle Jeff aka Best Pal got Camden for Christmas!

Bongos! He’s obsessed! Thanks guys 😘😉

[wpvideo ZzSEs9IX] Ok so two more pictures before I go… I just had to have some fun with the bubbles the other day! Hahahaha love this boy!

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