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We’re in the “army crawl” now 😉

Camden will be 8 months old in 5 days and it feels like he’s grown up so much in the past month or so. He’s “talking” nonstop. He loves to make noises with his mouth. He thinks surprises are hilarious (depends if it’s a vacuum surprise or just a hi surprise… They are very different things in his book). He is army crawling and ready to be on the go. He also has a tooth coming through! I swear, my little boy is going to be graduating college next week. Slow. Down. Time.

So here are some fun videos from the last month or two that I’ve been meaning to post.

Fun noises with Daddy.

Fun noises with Mommy.

Check out that army crawl…

Bath time and rubber ducky are some of his favorite things.

And he’s like Peter Pan… Always trying to catch that shadow. 😉

Let’s just say that the news business has been crazy. The last 8 months have been unbelievable for Charleston (and not in a good way, unless you think about how we recover). This city is amazing, but for all Charleston has been through, things can only look up. There are days when I come home and I am in complete shock with what I spent my day doing. I love getting the news straight to you online and on air. I am so passionate about my job. But some days all you need is a little baby talk and baby giggles to make you look forward to the next day. Camden is a blessing in this crazy world. He is what makes me tick and makes me smile when the world seems so dark. I can only wish I can make this world a better place for him. I can only wish he can be a positive light in this world to keep that change going. He’s my boy and I am his mama and to me, that’s what makes this crazy, nonstop, stressful and exciting life… Perfect.


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