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Time for a convertible car seat!

My boy is growing so fast. He’s ready for the next step in car seats.

We just got back from a week long trip to Maryland for Christmas! Camden had the best first Christmas ever with family and friends.

Anyway, back the point of this post…

We had to upgrade Camden’s seat to a convertible car seat and I have to gush about the one we got. The Britax Advocate Clicktight car seat is a major win in safety, comfort and looks in my book!

Camden was comfortable and most importantly safe on our 9-10 hour long drive. Plus, it’s the easiest car seat to set up. They call it the Clicktight for a reason because it clicks right in and you can adjust the seat to your liking and baby’s liking. The straps are super comfortable and easy to adjust. There’s removable padding for your baby as he or she grows. And he had plenty of padding around his head for those car ride naps.

He was comfy with his Elmo during the trip!

Here’s the weight chart for rear and front facing:

Check out Cam on the ride home! So happy and mommy and daddy were happy he was safely strapped in! 🙂

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