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This weighted blanket helps me sleep better and cooler

I have a major issue with tossing and turning in bed. It's a mix of anxiety and temperature and not being able to get comfortable. It can be super annoying to Drake, but he doesn't get on me about it like I do about his snoring. HA!

Anyway, one of my best friends told me about Hush and their blankets and I'm hooked. I tested hers out and it was glorious. As soon as I laid down and that blanket hit my body, I felt relief and relaxation. It was pretty unbelievable for this fidgety sleeper.

So, I took the plunge and ordered the Hush Iced 2.0 30 LB blanket in a King. Drake and I are both hot sleepers. So instead of just getting the twin for me, I splurged for the King and it's been pretty life-changing for our sleep.

When the blanket arrives, it comes in ta beautiful branded box, wrapped up and tied with a bow. The weighted blanket consists of a microfibre material, pocketing non-toxic glass sand which makes it heavy and balances the weight. The cooling cover is soooooo soft and it feels super luxurious. It's made from 100% organic viscose bamboo.

Another big concern was what weight should I order? The Hush experts suggest that you focus on 10% of your combined body weight. We are right in between the 30 and 35 lb. range so I opted for the 30, and I'll be honest, I should have just sprung for the 35. But, I'm happy with the 30. There are moments I find myself wanting more weight on me, but, all I have to do is make sure the blanket isn't collecting most of the beads at the bottom or off the edge of the bed.

Check out everything Hush has to offer here.

Best part, they offer a 100-night trial so if you find that you just don't like it like you thought you would, they offer no-hassle returns. But, I don't think many people end up doing this, because their blankets and other Hush products are just that good.

And, for every 10 iced blankets that are sold, one of them will get donated to a person in need. You're sleeping better and helping someone in need. I love it!

If you order the blanket, let me know what you think! I'm so excited to share their products with you and I can't wait to hear your stories!

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