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This deployment wall will help you through the time apart

A deployment can feel like forever, but with this wall, things can be a little easier!

I get it. Right now, it probably feels like it will be forever until you see your spouse again. They left on a deployment and they’ll be gone for months and what feels like years. But, there are ways you can help stay sane through the process. I decided I needed a deployment central for our house to help not only my two children, (4 and 1), but also myself. Dealing with a crazy time difference has been a huge adjustment, but one look at my deployment wall and I don’t have to do any crazy math, I can see what time it is where he is, and it helps me feel that much more connected to him while he’s gone. 

Hopefully this deployment wall can help you through one of the most challenging times of your life. And, if you have more ideas for the wall, send them my way! We’re all here to help each other through this time and I’m always open to more support! 🙂 

The Time Difference

I bought the two small 6-inch clocks at Target for $9.99 and I love that they match my decor. I set the one on the left to our time and the one on the right to Daddy’s time. Then, I made sure to put a little 3-ring binder map that I found on Amazon, underneath so I could pin where we are and pin where Daddy is. This helps my kids learn not only about the time difference but about the world.

Our calendar helps them learn about time passing

As with any child, it’s very hard to explain that things are happening in the future and not right now. I figured these little calendars that I printed on cardstock from Michael’s would help them visualize each day. We cross off the days together and we highlight the major event days that we have coming up. This way Camden can visualize any exciting things we have coming up and start to understand that they aren’t happening right now. 

p.s. the huge framed board that everything is on, is from Michael’s. 

Mail for Daddy

I bought this cute metal envelope from Michael’s and I created a quick vinyl design on my Silhouette Cameo to stick on it. Now, whenever we have something we want to send to Daddy, we put it in the envelope and I include it in our monthly care packages to Daddy overseas. Camden loves adding stuff to the envelope and brings things home from school to send to him as well. 

Have a friend take family pictures before they leave

Make sure you have a lot of pictures of the entire family together before a deployment starts. If I could suggest anything else before a deployment starts, it’s to make sure you get a family photoshoot done. Those pictures will be so valuable to you over the next year or so. When school asks for photos of the family for your child’s cubby, you’ll have them. And, you’ll feel so much better when you walk by framed photos in your house of the entire family together, smiling, laughing and having a good time. It will really make your heart smile. That’s why I made sure I included a family photo on our deployment wall. 

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