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How to Build a Military Tactical Gear Stand

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

One thing you’ll find out about me just by watching my videos and reading my blog posts is that I’ve always been the one in my marriage to make, create, and tackle all of the projects around the house. I just enjoy it. DIY projects, cleaning, organizing, I’m on it. Drake (my husband) does the yard work and keeps up with the backyard and the pool. I just make it all look good with my little additions and projects. I love our dynamic and it always makes me feel good when he says he has an idea that I could bring to life for him. That’s exactly how this project started. He wanted to have a way to hang up his helmet, vest and gear at the armory and keep it off the floor or piled in the corner.

He ran to Home Depot and got the wood and I got started as soon as he got back.

Here’s what he got.

Two 2x4x8’s (untreated)

One 4x4x8 (untreated)

This is the Amazon version of the one we purchased at Home Depot

Here’s what I already had.

3 inch decking screws (12 total)

80 grit sanding circles for my Black + Decker orbit sander

I found this awesome 70 piece pack of sanding discs on Amazon

The stain by Varathane in briarsmoke (Purchased at Home Depot)

Check out the video I posted on YouTube for a visual on how I made this stand.

How do you think it turned out?

If you make one, make sure you tag me or share it with me.

Happy building!

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