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The YMCA is offering FREE swim lessons during Spring Break

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been meaning to schedule your son or daughter for swim lessons before Summer gets here, but the $100 to $200 for the lessons and working it into your already busy schedule can be overwhelming. But to be honest, it should be a huge priority for us as parents, because there’s no excuse too big to keep us from preventing a tragedy down the road.

Now is the time to be proactive about swim lessons, especially while the lessons are FREE!

If you live in Hillsborough County or Pasco County in Florida, you’re in luck, because all next week, during Spring Break (March 18 to March 21), the Y is offering free “Safety Around Water” classes for kids ages 3 to 12. You can get all of the info here.

There will also be free lessons offered in May and August in Hillsborough County. So keep an eye on the YMCA website for pre-registration information.

Update: I signed Camden up for the swim lessons and they have been wonderful for him! He always refused to put his face under water but now he does. He is learning to float and the instructors are great. They’re teaching him to not get in the water without Mommy or Daddy’s permission and he’s turning into a little fish! He loves it! And I’m a happy Mom even if I am exhausted working and running to swim lessons each night this week! 😍

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