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The Aura frame makes it easier for families to stay in touch during deployments

Making and sharing memories when you're thousands of miles apart is hard

When it came time to get my husband – who is currently deployed overseas – something for Christmas, I wanted to make sure it was a gift that would really mean a lot to him and something he would use every day. He’s on the other side of the world, missing his babies and his wife and the one thing he would always request, was more pictures of me and the kids. I created him a cute little photo calendar from Walgreens and I found myself constantly sending him photos via text messages when we had a chance to chat. But how could I make it so that he could always see those photos without having to open his phone up and scroll through them? 

Enter Aura frame. 

What is the Aura frame?

Basically, the Aura frame is a digital frame that allows you to share photos within seconds with the tap of a button in the Aura Frames app. I was amazed at how fast a photo will show up on the frame when you add it in the app. 

The frame holds unlimited photos. There’s no limit, so you could literally add 10,000 photos instantly. 

The resolution of the frame is outstanding. You’ll see every detail of your photos on the frame, just like you would looking at the photo on your phone. 

And here’s a plus, the frames are super stylish and they can complement any interior style. Check out the different styles here

The frame also has light balance and it adjusts to the light in the room. So if you dim the lights, the frame will dim too! It’s great if you keep your Aura frame in your bedroom, because you won’t have to worry about it keeping you awake because it’s so bright! 

Why I decided to get this frame for my husband during his deployment

While overseas, my husband has a desk in his room and has access to wi-fi. He comes back to his room each night and sometimes we get to FaceTime with him before he heads to dinner or bed. It’s been so wonderful to be able to do that. But, there’s also an 8-hour time difference for us right now. So some days we may miss him or he may miss us. 

He loves to decorate his desk with photos of the kids, family, and our dog to make it feel a little more like home. 

When Christmas came around, I started searching for ways I could send him photos without the photos just sitting in our chat thread on his phone or on his laptop. He wanted to have new photos of me and the kids in front of him while he’s in his room so he told me all he wanted was some framed pictures of us.  

The Aura frame was the perfect solution for our situation. I can’t tell y’all enough how easy this thing is. All you need is access to wifi (set up through the bluetooth on your phone), and the Aura Frames app. (iOS or Android) The app connects to the photos on your device and you can select them, crop them and then add them to the frame and it only takes seconds for them to show up on the frame, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD! I’m still so excited about this! It’s incredible how we can share these fun moments at home with my husband while he’s serving our country. 

It's perfect to help keep long distance families connected, too!

This frame is great for our current situation. But, it’s also wonderful for families and loved ones in long distance relationships. Check it out! I know my husband is so thankful for technology and the Aura frame so that he can see us while he’s away. And one of his favorite parts of his day is coming back to the frame to scroll through the new pictures we add to it (it has a touchpad at the top that allows you to scroll through the images and one on the side that tells you the details about the photo you’re looking at). I even gave other friends and family members access to the frame so that they can add photos to make him smile. It’s been a really great way to let him know how much we love him and miss him and how proud of him we are every day. 

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