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Rolling Right Along… 32 Weeks!

Every week I’m more and more excited to meet our little man. It’s one week closer to him getting here. I’ve started getting a little more uncomfortable each day. My stomach is stretching and hurting just a bit from him growing even more, it almost feels like the front of my belly is bruised a little from the muscles stretching. It freaks me out that I’m going to continue to get even bigger, but I’m excited, bring it on! Let’s just hope he’s not a 9 lb baby like I was! NO THANK YOU! The doctor wants to check him out with an ultrasound at 38 weeks to see how big he is by then, if he’s a good weight, we’re good to go and we could have him a little early. WOOHOO! He’s moving around in my belly sooooooo much lately. I swear it’s like he’s just trying to find more room every 5 minutes. I’m going to miss these little squirms and kicks when he’s out, that’s for sure. It’s so cool to feel him rolling around and running his hand across my side.

We’re getting more prepped for his arrival everyday. We just ordered his stroller and I’m super psyched to get it. We went with the B•O•B Revolution Flex stroller! This is the same stroller Drake got to take for a test drive at Baby Bloomers in Mount Pleasant. He hasn’t shut up about it since lol. This is the mac daddy of strollers and we’re so excited to put Camden in it and roll around town! It’s super easy to open up and close, it’s not too heavy, it comes in some pretty sweet colors and all you need is a simple adapter for a car seat to be added to it. The handlebar is adjustable to make it comfortable for you to push and it’s unreal how easy it is to maneuver this stroller around town. It’s going to fit perfectly in the back of my small suv, and I’ll have plenty of space for my other stuff back there. The ride on this stroller is super smooth, the wheels even have shocks lol Drake loved that part and he talked to his guy friends about the stroller as soon as he got home from the “test drive.” lol He even notices when other people have the BOB stroller when we’re out. He makes sure to compliment them on their choice. He’s such a goober but I love it!


We’re so excited for our little man to get here! Can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Love, Mommy to be, Kelly Bazzle

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