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Pool Accessory Storage Ideas: Towels, Floats, Toys

Every Spring, I find myself going through our pool accessories and getting rid of anything that didn’t make it through the Fall and Winter. From toys that got a little too much sun or too much play in the water, to floats that just don’t have much life left… I always find myself Spring Cleaning our pool accessories and organizing everything for the many pool days ahead.

Living in Florida, we have one of those huge pool screens around our pool. It blocks out most of the creepy crawlies and keeps bigger leaves from getting into the pool. Lizards still find their way in, and that’s fine with me because they eat the bugs that do find their way into the pool area. Our lanai has a covered area that then opens up to the screened in pool area. So, I have some space to organize the things that I don’t want getting wet every day when we have those afternoon thunderstorms roll through. I wanted to find a way to organize all of our towels, without spending a fortune on one of those fancy hotel style towel stations. So, I ultimately decided on a utility cart to hold our rolled up pool towels and so far, it’s been a great choice. It keeps everything in one place and it even came with little hooks to hang things like goggles on the side.

Here’s a quick video to show how I set up the utility cart turned towel station.

Pool Toy and Float Organization

So, I’m sure you’ve seen those pool toy organizers that are ridiculously expensive. You know, the ones that are basically a PVC pipe made to look pretty with a bench that stores toys. I just can’t bring myself to order one of those because it takes up too much space but also because I feel like it will just deteriorate over time. Our pool deck doesn’t have a huge amount of space to fit something like this. So, I set out to find a space-saving way to organize our pool floats and the pool toys that my kids always reach for on pool days. I walked the aisles of Walmart and found myself in the auto aisle. I was looking for something that would be weatherproof and would last longer than just a plastic laundry basket or hamper. The auto aisle has a ton of stuff you can repurpose for pool organization. I found a truck cargo net and I was sold. I would just need some command hooks to stick to the pool cage and I could easily hang this in a corner so it didn’t block anyone from walking around the pool. Well, it worked!

Here’s a video of what I did to make this cargo net pool float organizer work for our pool organization needs.

You can shop everything I used to make this pool float station here.

How do you organize your pool accessories? I would love to hear all about it! Comment on my YouTube videos and share your creative ideas!


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