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My must-have baby products for Baby Girl Bazzle

We’re done! We’re ready for Baby Girl Bazzle to arrive when she’s ready! So I wanted to share my must-have products when it comes to getting ready for our baby girl. These are products I couldn’t live without when we had Camden and products I had to have when it comes to Kathryn.

Let’s start with baby rockers… I am a huge fan of the 4Moms Mamaroo. It’s an incredible product and perfect for the high-tech mom. This rocker can sit easily on the floor or a big table. It comes with a connection for your phone to play music. There’s a white noise option and the motions of the mamaroo are perfect for your newborn. Camden was a huge fan of it and I can’t wait to use it with Kate. Click here to check it out.


Want to get baby into good sleeping habits and not feel like you have to tip toe around the house with every move you make? You have to get one of these white noise machines by Marpac. The Dohm white noise machine has saved us with Camden. He sleeps like a rock while it’s on and to be honest, we can’t sleep without the sound of it over the baby monitor each night. Check it out here.


Need a bassinet? Look no further than the Halo Bassinest. We’ve had this since Camden was born and it’s great for sliding up right next to the bed while mama is recovering from the delivery. It has some great features to help soothe the baby to sleep and the swivel is so great. If you have a c-section, the bar on the side of the bassinest moves up and down with ease and helps you get the baby in and out of the bassinet very easily. Check out the Halo Bassinest and while you’re at it, check out their sleepsacks too! I love those!


I plan on breastfeeding for the first few weeks after delivery. But because my supply wasn’t the best when I was nursing Camden, I plan on pumping as much as possible. So what about bottles? I can’t say enough about the best of the best, Dr. Browns bottles. They’re wonderful and they saved us from a lot of gas’y moments with Camden. I’m excited to use these with Kate! Check out Dr. Browns here.

dr browns

I’m so excited to share this journey with everyone! If you have a product you love, send it my way or comment about it! I want other moms to be able to use this as a great resource for what they may or may not need with their upcoming bundle of joy 🙂

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