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How to transform a planter into a tabletop tiki torch for outdoor entertaining

Ready for a fun and easy project? Ready to get compliments when you have friends and family over to relax on the patio or in your backyard oasis? Ready to keep the bugs away? I‘ve got you covered!

I have 3 or 4 old, broken tiki torches just hanging out in my garage. It seems like every time I purchased one of these things to use in our backyard, they never lasted. They either rotted, or they broke, or someone always ended up knocking them over. So, here’s how I came up with the idea to turn planters into tabletop tiki torches…

I was walking through the outdoor decor and planter aisle at our local Walmart one afternoon and I spotted some beautiful white Better Homes and Gardens planters. And, they weren’t that expensive! SCORE! So my creativity started going wild. I was thinking about different ways I could decorate with them… thinking about what plants could go in them and then I spotted the tiki torch inserts. DING! I know what I can do! These planters are meant for more than just plants.

So many people have reached out asking how I made these tiki torch planters. Well, here ya go!

Here’s everything you’ll need:

• a planter that’s not too deep, just shallow enough for the canisters to stick out of the top, also make sure it has some drainage holes if you’re sitting these outside where they aren’t covered. The round one with the ribbing around it is linked here.

• some sand and rocks (ones that will be hidden, so they don’t have to be pretty)

• weed barrier fabric to lay down before you lay down the sand (This is optional, I just did this so the sand didn’t leak through the drainage holes)

• small black stones aka river rocks, I found mine at Walmart in the same aisle as the white round planter and they’re made by Better Homes and Gardens (here's the link), you can also find these on Amazon

• Tiki torch canisters (the inserts that would go in the tiki torch stakes) I found these at Walmart but they’re also on Amazon

• Tiki torch fuel (I like the clean burn but I also have the bitefighter) Both are available at Walmart and on Amazon

If you want to make the round planters, you can find everything you need at Walmart. Here’s a shopping list with all of the links so that you can order it all in one place.

I also made these in long rectangular planters from La Jolie Muse Home on Amazon. Here’s the shopping list if you want to order from Amazon. Click here to watch my TikTok video to see how these turned out.

***The links in this blog post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and purchase one of the products in this post. I only share the products that truly help me. It’s always my intention to remain objective when conducting any reviews of products.***

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