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How Bloomlife kept me sane during the homestretch of pregnancy

A lot of friends have been asking about the contraction monitor I rented during the last few months of my pregnancy. So, here’s the info!

I found Bloomlife, the contraction monitor you rent by the week, on social media while searching for ways to monitor my contractions at home. Contractions are tricky and they can confuse you as you get closer to your due date. Bloomlife made it all a little easier for me! I could see contractions I didn’t really feel, I could time them better and I started to understand my body more with the help of Bloomlife!

I’m officially a Bloomlife mom! Nothing like some peace of mind in these last few weeks of pregnancy… I have to be… Posted by Kelly Bazzle on Sunday, July 8, 2018

I wore the monitor while sitting at my desk at work and monitored my contractions at the same time. It was so convenient. The monitor clicks into the sticky pad that goes on your belly. You place it three fingers below your belly button and you start monitoring with your phone. The best part, you can reuse the sticky patches until they don’t stick anymore and the patches can be ordered for free. They arrive in a few days and you can continue to monitor your baby bump. The monitor is easy to charge and comes with a usb cord to plug in to your computer or your phone charger.

I was so nervous about having a false alarm the second pregnancy… Bloomlife took that stress away. I could see my contractions on the monitor in real time.

Want to feel like you have a better idea of what’s happening during those last few months? Check out Bloomlife today.

Pregnant friends and fam, use code “KB10” to get 10% off your weekly rental.

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