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Happy 2015! Baby Bazzle will be here so soon!

2015 is here! That means that Camden will be making his appearance in less than a month and a half! I’m soooo excited, so nervous and so ready all at the same time!

I’ve gotta say, pregnancy takes too long lol I’m sooooo anxious and so impatient for our little man’s arrival. 9 months, well, really 10 months of pregnancy is not fun, at least for me. I have my favorite parts and of course my least favorite parts. Let’s be honest, the best parts are when you can feel your baby moving around in your belly, and every time you get to hear their little heart beating a mile a minute in your belly. I love the bump, I love the fact that my belly button has popped out and it’s crazy to feel hands and feet roaming around my belly. I also love getting to eat what I want. (except for sushi, I want sushi and I do want a beer so bad, yes, together, preferably a shocktop with an orange slice)

My least favorite parts have been pretty high too though. The morning sickness was the worst, the exhaustion takes it out of you and the acid reflux has been debilitating… It will really put me out of commission in about 2 minutes flat. Even water gives me acid reflux. Everything in your body loosens up when you get pregnant, so the opening of your stomach does too! That means acid just coming on up whenever it feels like it. I could feel the burn in my throat some days. I weigh a healthy 166 pounds now. I’ve never been this heavy, but hey, it’s for the baby 😉

The cons all disappear when I think about my baby coming into this world. I can’t wait to be his mommy in real life and I can’t wait to kiss his little cheeks and learn every little inch of him. I want to know all of his qwerks! I’m so excited. Pregnancy is a blessing. I’m lucky to be able to give our little man a life and to be his mommy and I can’t wait to give him that first hug!

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