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Frosty the Snowman Christmas Card Holder

It’s that time of the year and I’m finding that Christmas cards we receive from family and friends always end up in a stack on our entranceway table. So I made it my mission to create something fun to display the cards and show off our loved ones during the holiday season.

I ventured to Home Depot for some wood to create my Frosty card holder.

I ended up with a pre-cut piece of wood that measured 5.5″ x 36″ for the main body of my snowman. Then I searched for a thin piece of wood that I could cut down to make the brim of Frosty’s hat. I ended up with the same kind of wood but a piece that was 1.5″ x 36″. I only needed about 10 inches but I figured I could always use the scrap wood for another project.

I already had the acrylic paint in my craft box and surprisingly I had a huge bag of clothespins from an old project I did for Camden’s artwork from school.

I also had wood glue and sand paper from past projects.

The only piece missing from this picture is the ribbon I used to wrap around Frosty’s neck.

I cut my 10 inch piece of wood for Frosty’s brim and sanded down the edges of all of the wood to smooth out those sharp edges.

I got out my acrylic paint and went to town. First I painted the main board white and left room for the black of Frosty’s hat. Then I painted the brim black and let it dry while I painted the area for the bulk of his hat.

Once the paint dried I went ahead and put down some wood glue and attached the brim at an angle. You can totally do it straight across. But the perfectionist in me did an angle so I wouldn’t go crazy deciding if it was level or even on each side.

While Frosty’s fat dried, I started painting his face. The circles don’t have to be perfect because your technically just painting odd shaped pieces of coal. And the carrot can be whatever style you want.

Then I wrapped the ribbon around his neck and pinned it together in the back.

The next step was to paint my clothespins red and get them covered. I did this in waves so I could handle the clothespins better. I suggest wearing a disposable glove to do this or else your fingers come out like this… (the acrylic paint cleans off super fast)

Once the pins dried, I went ahead and glued them down. Make sure you glue most of the pin to the board to help keep it from snapping off.

I also made sure I opened them and they weren’t painted shut before I glued them on to help make it easier to open when they’re glued on the board and it’s all done.

I let it all dry for a day and I was so excited to add our loved ones cards to the snowman! I know I had a lot of my supplies but this project shouldn’t cost you anymore than $20 if you have to buy all of it from the start. Hope you like it and send me your pics if you make one too!

Check out the final product below.

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