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Camden Brett Bazzle Has Arrived!

He’s Here! He’s finally here!

Drake and I are so in love with our little man. So, how did it go? I was scheduled to be induced on February 19th if Camden didn’t come on his own. I had quite a few false alarms but he didn’t come on his own, that’s for sure. We went in to get induced at 7am on Thursday morning at Roper St. Francis in Charleston. They started me up on the pitocin that morning and I was 3cm at the time. At 2pm I was 4cm, at 3pm I was 5cm and by 4pm I was at 7cm. That’s when things got kinda sketchy… My epidural decided to become disconnected and for 2 hours straight I felt EVERYTHING! The contractions were intense. I don’t know how women who don’t get any drugs do it. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. By 6pm the second epidural kicked in. Let me say, sitting up and getting an epidural when your contractions are 1 minute apart is not fun. AT ALL! I felt like he was going to push out of me right then and there. I did survive! 8pm showed up and it was time to push. My body was so ready to push it started pushing before Dr. Baird even got in the room. I thought the contractions when the epidural wasn’t in was painful, nope. The pressure of Camden coming through the birth canal, sitting on my intestines and pushing against everything down there, was excrutiating. I was screaming for the doctor to come into the room and get started with the pushing. It’s like pushing was my only relief. Dr. Baird came in at 8:20 and I pushed for 20 min. and he was here!

at 8:41PM Camden Brett Bazzle came into the world, they put him directly on my chest, Drake and I shared an I love you stare at each other and then at our son and everything in the world stood still for that moment. Then Camden broke the emotionally charged moment and peed on Drake from my chest. He’s quite the comedian already. They went to weigh him and measure him. I pushed out a 8lb 8oz baby boy who was 22.5 inches long. (technically he was 8lb 9oz with that ounce of urine still in him lol, I’m owning that) Even my doctor was shocked at his size. He’s a big boy with long fingers and big feet and absolutely 100% adorable! We love him so much!

Camden’s First Picture!

Look at that sweet face!

Camden loves his 4Moms MamaRoo! It’s been a lifesaver and he’s in heaven when he’s in it!


Our First picture as a family of 3! 

We’re finally home as a family of 3 and we’re learning more and more everyday. Camden has been wonderful and he sleeps, eats and poops like a typical newborn. His facial expressions keep us entertained all day long and he fills our hearts with so much love and joy!

I will update soon!

I love you all, MOMMY, Kelly B and CAMDEN! 🙂

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