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Never. Did I ever. Think that I would be putting cabbage leaves on my boobs. Remember that college drinking game we played, “never have I ever?” And if you did do the thing that was said, you had to drink. Thank god we don’t play that game anymore. At least we haven’t in a few years lol. I never would have thought I would be saying I HAVE put cabbage on my boobs to make them feel better and to help stop breastfeeding. Because… Well… It happened tonight!

No this isn’t one of those blogs where I go on and on about breastfeeding and how glorious it is and how much it helped me bond with my baby boy and all of the pros of breastfeeding and cons of formula. It’s not happening here. Everyone has different circumstances when it comes to quitting breastfeeding. My baby will have 6 good weeks of breastfeeding and pumping breastmilk and I’m A-Okay with that. Me? I was a formula baby. I would say I turned out ok. I’m no physicist or doctor, I don’t think I ever would have been, breastfed or not… I’m Kelly Bazzle, art major, radio host, TV reporter but do I go around saying formula baby or breastfed baby as who I am? We don’t do that! So let’s move on… I’m quitting breastfeeding! I know, all of the mom groups on facebook just took a collective gasp! I’m taking a job where I have to be up at 2:45am. Sleep is important for me to be the best mommy I can be to my wonderful baby boy. I’m quitting breastfeeding. Ahhhhh gasp, they did it again! My boobs hurt, my nipples are red, my boobs are far bigger than I ever wanted and my baby loves formula when he gets it in between breastmilk! I’m quitting breastfeeding! Oh hush with the gasps already!

So moms, can we all agree, no judgement anymore. No pushing and prodding and making other moms feel like they are doing something wrong by not breastfeeding anymore. Support each other and be understanding. Cuz you are raising your child, not someone else’s and you are doing what you think is in the best interest for your child, not someone else’s!

I support every great mom with every choice they make. This is a wild and crazy ride and I’m here for you, if you are here for me!

P.s. The cabbage feels glorious but it stinks!


Mommy Bazzle


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