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Back to work for Mommy!

It’s been a full week of me being back at work, at a new job, learning the ropes and adjusting to the new schedule, all while trying to nail down a schedule for Camden. I just started working for a local tv station in Charleston, WCBD News 2. I’m going to be reporting all of the fun news, the trending stuff and my segment is called “Today’s Download.” I’m so excited to start this new career path and learn all about the ins and outs of tv. (you can catch me Monday through Friday on News 2 Today with Octavia Mitchell and Brad Franko, my segment will air around 5:30 and 6:30 each morning)


The only rough part about the job is that I have to be to work at 3:30AM. That means I need to wake up around 2:30AM to get ready and head in to work. So far, the only plus about that, is NO TRAFFIC. But the negative, leaving my baby boy home. I miss him so much during the day. He gets to sleep a little longer with Daddy and then he spends his mornings with our wonderful nanny once Drake heads off to work. I do love that I get off work at 12:30PM because that means I can spend my afternoons with Camden and maybe get in a little nap with him here and there.


How’s going to bed earlier? We’re trying to adjust to it, Drake is pumped to go to bed early, he says he’s always tired. We both are always tired with the baby right now, so an earlier bedtime is definitely welcomed! The past 2 nights, we’ve headed to bed around 8PM and haven’t gotten to sleep until about 10PM. We’re still trying to schedule out Camden’s feedings so that he’s ready to pass out at 8PM. It’s tough! But, we’re surviving and making it work. I know you can’t get a baby on a legit schedule for a while, but we can at least try, right?

I’ll have more updates soon, just trying to adjust to this schedule and train as much as I can!


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