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Baby’s First Beach Day!

Toes in the sand, shades on his face, Camden had a blast on his very first visit to the beach. We went to Sullivan’s Island yesterday (Saturday June 13) with Camden’s Aunt Sue and Uncle Andrew.

Thank god for the BOB stroller because pushing any other stroller on the beach wouldn’t have happened. This thing is the off road stroller master! Not gonna lie, I still got a work out pushing through the sand hills but once we were on the hard, flat sand of the beach, it was smooth sailing.

We got settled and took him down to the water to see how he would react. He hated his toes touching the water but once he was standing in it, he was good! He was very interested, that’s for sure!

Our little man is growing up so fast! He’s about to switch to size 3 diapers and he’s in 6-9 month clothes and he’s just about to turn 4 months old in 5 days! He’s a growing boy for sure.

He still loves his 4moms mamaroo and he’s having a blast in his new bouncer that his Gma got him!

He’s starting to talk a lot more! His giggles are hilarious and we can’t wait for him to just burst into laughter.

Mommy question… Does anyone else notice that Huggies diapers seem to run small??? I can’t even wrap them around him but in the target brand size 2, he’s fully covered. Even pampers!

He can almost hold his bottle by himself! He’s getting there. Gotta love those Dr. Brown bottles!

It’s been a crazy and fun few weeks, baby Bazzle is almost grown boy Bazzle in our eyes. He’s a sweet loving talkative little man!

We love you buddy,

Mommy Bazzle

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