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A month in the sunshine state

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve been homeowners in the Sunshine State and things are going great!

The House

I feel like I’m doing a project every other day to add some creative decor to our home. You guys know I love that stuff… It’s my zen. Painting, sanding, hanging pictures… I love it!

Here are some fun things I’ve been doing…

I’m on the hunt for some wooden spools to make into side tables. Plan on staining and painting them to match the living room.


Cam man is loving life in Tampa. He’s ​growing and saying a new word each day. He loves his “Tay-Tay” aka Tatum and he spends a lot of his time practicing his swing on his T-ball set! 🙂

[wpvideo mVu6LJ2s]​


So when j got to work a month ago or so, we were put into a temporary newsroom while crews worked on our “newsroom of the future.” Well the new newsroom is almost done! Check this out!

My desk will be in that middle area and the desks are made so that you can stand up or sit! We each get little speakers at our desks and two monitors each. This newsroom is gonna be sweet! Can’t wait to share the final product with y’all!

The Fun

We’ve gotten to check out some pretty cool places here in Tampa. That definitely includes Top Golf. Think bowling but golf. The computer knows when you are up to hit and attaches the ball to your account. Then you swing away and try to get it in the big holes on the green for points. Check out the pics!

So we pretty much plan to take all visiting guests to Top Golf for some fun! Did I mention the casino is 15 min from our house??? 💵👏🏼😂

So who’s coming to visit first? 😍👯🌴

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