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A dining-out must-have

There’s one thing I can’t stand… and that’s when you go out to eat and your baby has to sit in a gross high chair that every other baby has touched and slobbered all over. That’s why I love our Svan Lyft booster. It comes with its very own bag and we can set it up in a regular chair so that Camden can sit with the grown ups and reach the table. He loves it and he feels like he’s a part of the group.

It’s very easy to set up, You pull out the top hooks just enough to fit the height of the back of your chair and then you buckle the straps around the back and the bottom of the chair, then TA-DA! Camden gets to sit in his own big boy chair at the table.

Recently, we tried it out at Kickin’ Chicken and it was a huge success. I definitely recommend this god send of a chair 🙂 We can even use it at home!

Check out my pictures of Camden rockin’ his awesome new seat. What’s your favorite baby product these days? Share with me! FB:

A photo posted by Kelly Bazzle (@kellybazzle) on Apr 23, 2016 at 10:29am PDT

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