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4 teeth, standing up and keeping Mommy busy

I can’t even believe that my little boy is going on 10 months old. He now has 4 teeth… He’s pulling up on everything… He’s talking all the time and he’s keeping me busy but I love it.

I spend my days working my 9 hour day at News 2, then I spend my afternoons with Cam man… Cleaning and working on projects while he naps. I love our afternoons together and it’s even sweeter to see his face after a busy day in the newsroom.

I’ve been making his baby food myself and he’s loving it. Mainly, I use a lot of avocado and then I just treat it like a chemistry experiment but with yummy healthy food.

Camden has been pulling up on everything and he should be on the move and walking soon. The doctor says he is the size of a 15 month old at only 10 months old. He’s off the charts in height and he’s 97th percentile in weight. We have a big boy on our hands. (25lb and 31in)

[wpvideo rvakPZsC] That’s my boy! 🙂

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