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13 Weeks and doing flips!

Ok, I’m not doing flips, but the baby is! We went to visit Baby Bazzle this past Monday at Charleston OBGYN and took some pictures of Baby Bazz. We couldn’t figure out if we’re having a boy or a girl, the ultrasound nurse said she just wasn’t confident enough to make a decision. We go back in 4 weeks, so maybe we can find out then! I’m so ready to find out, so we can go ahead and decorate our Baby Bloomers filled Nursery! 

Anyway, back to the ultrasound! It was so cool to see Baby Bazzle moving around on the screen. At one point the little baby rolled over and turned away from the camera and mooned us. Too funny. Looks like he or she has a sense of humor, but got bored with that position and rolled back a few seconds later. We got to see feet, hands, the spine, the brain forming, fingers! It was amazing. I just love seeing the baby on the screen and hearing the heart beat. This week it was 164. Just 10 beats lower than 11 weeks with 174 beats per minute. 

Here’s Baby Bazzle at 13 weeks:

13 weeks baby bazzle

You can see the foot and the legs bend in the left part of the picture! And look at that belly! 🙂 He or she is about the length of a good sized jalapeno right about now. 

I’m also waiting on my baby bump to show up. Slowly but surely it’s here. It comes and goes, it’s usually showing at night, and disappears by morning. Here’s a picture from 2 nights ago! I’m almost about to pop, I feel it lol. 

13 weeks bump

That’s all for now, I’m soooo ready to have my energy back, feel normal again and not feel nauseous! I am tired of feeling sick lol by the way, have you ever thrown up so hard you….. nevermind, I’ll save y’all the details lol

Happy 13 weeks! 

Love, Mommy to be, Kelly

CRAVINGS: Peanut butter and ritz crackers, nacho cheese doritos, salty peanuts, french fries (McDonalds), jolly ranchers, sour candy and red meat!

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