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10 things you can buy on Amazon that every parent needs to survive Summer

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read more here.

Surviving Summer with kids

The Summer months are upon us and that means kids are out of school. It also means heat, humidity, bugs, thunderstorms and lots of activities. So, I wanted to share a list of my ten favorite things you can buy on Amazon that every parent needs to survive the Summer. 

1. thinkbaby SPF

Sunscreen! Protect that baby skin with this highly effective and water resistant sunscreen. Rubbing your kids down in SPF every day they head out into the sun is exhausting, I get it. But once this magic potion is on, your kids won’t be complaining about the stinging near their eyes or the sunburn later on. Stock up on this stuff and you’ll be covered and protected, all summer long.

It’s free of biologically harmful chemicals and it’s won a ton of awards too!

2. The Bug Bite Thing

A Florida mom got really sick of her skin and her kids’ skin being extremely irritated after bug bites so she created this handy suction tool. Basically, you place it over the bug bite and it sucks out any irritants or venom from a bug bite, stopping the itch right in its tracks! Read more about her story here.

This thing really is cool. It’s so simple and for $9.95 you’ll be carrying around one or two of them to make sure you have instant relief after a bug bite!

3. After Bite for Kids

Here’s another one to help with those pesky bug bites! Our four-year-old needs this year-round. He gets awful reactions to mosquito bites and his skin turns rock hard around the affected area. This stuff provides instant relief and he’s always asking for his “bug medicine.” 

It’s not just for mosquito bites. It helps with any type of bite or sting. It’s a must have in the Bazzle household. 

4. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

Our 10-month-old hated the pool at first. Absolutely hated it. Then, we got her this and put her in and let her float around. At first, she was skeptical but after a few minutes, she realized that she could lounge around and float and watch her big brother splash around in the water. Now, we can’t live without it on a hot summer day in Florida playing in the pool. 

5. Slip and Slide Waterslide

This one will keep the kids entertained for hours, but it’s also fun for the adults. Stay cool and slip around in the back yard on a hot summer day. 

Camden has a blast with this and looks forward to the weekends when we can have slip and slide days! It has some of the better reviews on Amazon compared to other slip and slides and so far, it’s living up to expectations for this family. 

6. The KidKraft Outdoor Chaise with Umbrella

If you follow me on social media you’ve probably seen photos of Kate and Camden sitting in this adorable chaise lounger. Check them out here. I can’t rave about this thing enough. It’s the cutest piece of kids furniture that we own, no doubt about it. Kate loves it and sits and watches her brother splash around in the pool and Camden sits in it every now and then to lounge and eat his snacks on a hot day. The cushion is comfortable and the chair is easy to put together. We get so many compliments on it when friends come to play!

7. The Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Machine

Talk about entertainment for all ages. This bubble machine wins! It doesn’t go through bubble solution too fast and it spits out a bunch of bubbles at once. Plus, the batteries are protected at the bottom so it’s really hard to mess it up. Even better, I like that it’s not one of those bubble machines that the kids want to pick up and walk around with because of its size. This one will hang out on our lanai all summer long. 

8. Drink in the Box reusable juice boxes

Hey! It’s your drink in the box! (a little Timberlake SNL humor for you parents)

These things are an epic decision when it comes to summer juice sipping for the kids. You’ll never hear “Mommy, I squirted my shirt” ever again because the kids literally can’t squeeze these the second you put them in their hands. So, they’re saving the planet and your kids’ clothes!

9. Portable outdoor chair for kids

This thing is great for sitting outside at your house or when you’re out and about for things like camping, sporting events, the beach and more. Even better, it fits kids from 3 months to up to 75 pounds. The harness is removable too! 

There’s a snack tray, sun canopy and it all comes with a carry bag! Perfect for the on-the-go parent!

10. OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

Summer also means vacations and road trips. And if you’re on a road trip the last thing you want is your child sitting on a nasty public restroom toilet at the most disgusting truck stop along I-95. Seriously. GAG! 

This little thing is perfect for those long road trips or when you’re just running errands and the kids “gotta go!” 

I hope these products can help you survive the Summer like they’re helping the Bazzle family! If you have any questions about any of the products on this list, shoot me a message. I’d be happy to chat!

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