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Touch My Belly! I don’t care :-)

I think I’m one of those moms that it just really doesn’t bother when someone reaches out and touches my belly. I’m perfectly fine with it! Now that the belly is here to stay for another 17 weeks or so, I’m totally A-OKAY with friends, family and even strangers touching my belly. It’s a really cool thing, this whole pregnancy thing. Everyday I’m more and more amazed at what our bodies can do and the fact that there’s a little Baby in my belly just hanging out, relaxing, punching, kicking, sleeping and pushing my organs around lol.

There’s something amazing about watching your husband react to a kick when he feels it, every time. His eyes light up and I fall more in love with him each time. It’s emotional, exciting and kinda scary too! I love to see my friends get excited when they feel baby Bazzle kick in my tummy. Right now, it just feels like little bursts, and I’ve started feeling him move in two spots at once, so I know he’s getting longer and stretching out a little more. It’s even mind blowing that he fits in there with everything else going on, my bladder totally gets it though.

So the point of my post, is touch my belly… I don’t care! I’m proud of the little guy growing in there and I want him to make your day, just like you’re making mine and his.

XoXo, Mommy to be, Kelly Bazzle

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