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Success! I’m a baby food chef…

Thanks to the help of my friend Sarah, I’ve learned how to make baby food… I know… I know… It’s not that hard, you boil some stuff, you make sure it gets chopped up and soft and you freeze it and defrost it when you’re ready for the baby to eat it. Well, I made it, I mixed stuff and he liked it… so I’m a baby food chef extraordinaire!

I decided to try avocados and then I added blueberries to bring some sweetness to the bland avocados. HE LOVED IT!

Check out the video:

He loved it and I also made carrots, blueberries and mixed carrots with blueberries (think V8 juice) 🙂

My main man is growing like a weed. I think he’s starting to really grow some chompers in, he’s been a little fussy, low grade fever here and there, and you can see some little tiny white dots, they’re like nothing, but I see them!

He’s a 5 month old wearing 9-12 month clothes. All of his clothes are too small. I need to go shopping BAD! He’s in desperate need of some good everyday onesies. That’s what the weekend is for. (the commissary sells Carter’s outfits/onesies for half off, thank the lord, with the rate he’s growing, he wears stuff once lol)

Well, back to Mommy and Camden time before Daddy gets home! LOVE YOU ALL!

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