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‘Santa Cams’ are the 2019 version of ‘Elf on the Shelf’

Forget the "Elf on the Shelf" | Santa has much more high-tech ways to see if you're being "naughty" or "nice" in 2019

I know what you’re thinking… “Santa using security cameras to spy on children during the holiday season to make sure they’re being nice? That’s a little much.” But, what’s the difference between that and having one of his elves sit around your house, sprinkle sugar everywhere and mess with your blinds and your lamp shades while they watch your kids and “report” back to the big guy? It’s 2019 and Santa is upping his game. He’s always known when you’re sleeping and awake and he just wants you to be good for goodness sake. These magic cams just help him keep up with everything!

I asked Santa if he could send these “Santa Cams” to watch Camden and Kate this holiday season. I thought it was a great idea because the last thing I want to do is clean up after a little elf when I’m cleaning up after two kids under five and a 70-pound yellow lab while my husband is deployed overseas. 

The 'Santa Cams' are motion activated

Every time you move around the “Santa Cams” a little red light flashes! This means that Santa’s elves are checking in to see how you’re doing and taking notes for Santa. They love to tell him all of the good news that they see. Occasionally they let him know if the kids are not making good choices. Good choices and love and laughter are how you get on Santa’s “Nice List.” 

How do you request a 'Santa Cam' from the North Pole?

Your Mommy or Daddy can make it happen! Santa makes sure it’s super easy to find his cameras and he sends them from the North Pole to Amazon Facilities and stores like Five Below. Be sure to ask your Mommy or Daddy to order them. Santa will only deliver them if an adult orders them. 

When your Mommy or Daddy orders the cameras, Santa uses his magic to bring them to your house and set them up. He loves to leave a letter as well so that no one is surprised about the cameras. Plus, he still has some “old school” traditions and he loves writing letters instead of emails. Here’s a copy of the letter he sent the Bazzle kids!

Santa sends letters to update the kids on their "Naughty or Nice" status

I even found his letterhead online! Check that out!

Santa is always watching, so make good choices and always do the right thing

I’m so happy I can share this magical experience with you! Here’s to staying on the “nice list” and always doing the right thing! Santa and his elves are always trying to be on top of their technology game to make sure they are 100% right before Christmas Eve and these cameras definitely show it! 

Merry Christmas BeBazzled Followers!

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